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Empower AI uses innovative technologies and their specialized platform to support federal missions and empower agency personnel to solve unique government challenges​.


Robert Shook - Army Counterintelligence and Technical Security Specialist

From Army counterintelligence to technical security specialist, Robert Shook has made service his...

Katrina Whitenack - Army Combat Medic and Medical Reviewer

After 5 years in the Army, Katrina Whitenack turned her experience as a Combat Medic into a succe...

Judith Buford - Naval Reservist and Medical Reviewer

Judith Buford uses her experience in organization and time management from her time as a Naval Re...






Nursing & Healthcare

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Lynn Howard - Medical Reviewer

What inspired you to get involved in volunteering?

I don’t like the idea of going to another “workplace” after work, so I’ve found a way to do my volunteer work without leaving home. My solution has been to grow vegetables at home to give to our local open kitchen. It’s a restaurant where people can eat for free if needed, no questions asked. The kitchen relies on donations and gifts of food. I have found that by putting in the work at home, I can provide the kitchen with a great deal of shareable produce. By growing it myself instead of purchasing it, I could maximize what I was able to provide to the restaurant daily, without breaking my budget. It made me feel good that I was able to provide fresh nutritious aspects of the meals that were served to our community.

Are there any specific challenges or obstacles you have faced along the way, and how did you overcome them?

Sometimes the time spent on gardening cuts into my personal schedule, but it all equals out in the end. I do gain muscles from the workout!

Can you share any advice or words of wisdom for others who may be interested in volunteering?

Find what you love to do and then share your passion in a way that can benefit others.

What motivates you to continue pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in your volunteering?

The reward of knowing that there are real people getting real nourishment from the fresh produce is highly motivating to me. I plan to continue and expand this project, as to me it’s a rewarding and tangible way of volunteering my time.