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What We Do

Empower AI uses innovative technologies and their specialized platform to support federal missions and empower agency personnel to solve unique government challenges​.

Artificial Intelligence

Proven, scalable automation solutions to make faster, more accurate decisions


Navigating the AI Landscape

ChatGPT. DALL-E. IBM Watson. Google Bard.

Without question, the race to adopt artificial intelligence is real, with new products launching almost daily. From accelerating decision making to helping organizations transform their operations, AI is ramping up fast to help leaders solve complex challenges and save costs.

But which platforms are proven and secure for the federal environment? What about ethics and the appropriate use of AI to help ensure thoughtful implementation? And for those who are just beginning their AI journey, where does one even begin?

Empower AI is a proud partner of the federal government, supporting multiple federal agencies with mission-critical AI technology to help them achieve significant efficiencies while managing costs and improving security. From automating routine tasks with robotic process automations to using machine learning to analyze vast amounts of data, AI tools are helping the government workforce address higher-value tasks that achieve more mission-focused objectives.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Proven, Differentiated Approach

The Empower AI Platform® is our enterprise digital transformation platform that combines our engineering and AI technology to help federal clients achieve their missions, at scale. The platform enables federal agency leaders to leverage the 24/7 speed, accuracy, and wisdom of AI to enable their workforce to focus on the highest priority tasks that demand human creativity and judgment. 

The Empower AI Platform architecture also:

  • Enables IT deployment without disruption to current infrastructure· makes better use of system resources

  • Is more efficient with faster releases and patching

  • Increases flexibility in development options

  • Delivers more consistent operations· improves security

Our Proven, Differentiated Approach

Key Services

& Capabilities

Tactical Edge AI Decision Augmentation

Robotic Process Automation/Intelligent Automation

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Digital Transformation

Key Services & Capabilities

Program Highlights


Authority to Operate (ATO) Status:

The Empower AI Platform has the “authority to operate” (ATO) status with the following agencies:

DoD/DISA Joint Service Provider

The Empower AI Platform has been issued an ATO on the DISA enterprise to support its mission of providing command and control capabilities and enterprise infrastructure to continuously operate and assure a gl