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Who We Serve

Empower AI helps federal agency leaders elevate their workforce productivity. We leverage deep technical expertise and decades of experience solving complex challenges in Defense, and Civilian missions.

Productivity and Effectiveness Grow Exponentially with AI-Empowered Teams

At Empower AI, our solutions augment human ability with automations that start simply and grow more advanced over time. Our AI and machine-learning tools enhance the performance and productivity of people at every level, to move their missions forward more effectively. 

Department of Justice

National Institutes of Health

General Services Administration 

Executive Office of the President

Department of Homeland Security

Federal Communications Commission

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

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Success Stories

Elevating the GSA Mission with Proven, Scalable Automation

GSA DIGIT Program Manager Clayton Crosby illustrates how secure automations, when integrated into an organization’s IT ecosystem, can create more workforce capacity, and significantly increase mission support.

Improving Security at the Pentagon with Service Desk Automation

Randy Devine, General Manager of Empower AI’s Defense Business Unit, describes how enabling the Pentagon’s IT service desk with groundbreaking automation has reduced the time to complete mission-critical tasks from days to minutes, and eliminates potential security risks with dormant accounts.

Enhancing Workforce Efficiency at the Pentagon

As a retired soldier, elevating the mission of the Pentagon’s service desk at the Joint Service Provider is important to Gary Allen, Empower AI Accounts Management Manager. Gary uses the Empower AI Platform® to improve manpower, time, and efficiency so the staff can focus on critical tasks.

Elevating the CMS Mission with the Empower AI Platform

Joanna Damalas, Provider Enrollment Specialist, describes how using the Empower AI Platform®, the teams supporting CMS are saving thousands of hours per year by validating medical records.

Raising Morale and

Supporting the GSA

IT Project Manager Kelby Miller has experienced firsthand how the Empower AI Platform removes busy work and manual processes for the GSA mission, while also improving team morale.

Boosting Cybersecurity

at the Pentagon

Empower AI Chief Information Officer Vasili Ikonomidis uses the Empower AI Platform® to improve cybersecurity and ensure the entire account management process is completed efficiently at the Pentagon’s service desk.

Elevating the CMS Mission

with Extreme Productivity

Mariya Karimova, VP of Product Management, describes how Empower AI is helping to elevate the CMS mission. Using the Empower AI Platform, the teams supporting CMS are saving thousands of hours per year to provide reports to the U.S. Congress.

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