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Empower AI uses innovative technologies and their specialized platform to support federal missions and empower agency personnel to solve unique government challenges​.


Robert Shook - Army Counterintelligence and Technical Security Specialist

From Army counterintelligence to technical security specialist, Robert Shook has made service his...

Katrina Whitenack - Army Combat Medic and Medical Reviewer

After 5 years in the Army, Katrina Whitenack turned her experience as a Combat Medic into a succe...

Judith Buford - Naval Reservist and Medical Reviewer

Judith Buford uses her experience in organization and time management from her time as a Naval Re...






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Deon Londow - CMS CERT Business Manager

What does being a Business Manager mean?

A Business Manager supports the Program Director in the administration of operational functions as defined by the contract’s task orders.

How did you find yourself on the path to being a Business Manager?

After 15 years of tax and general accounting I found that I wanted something that would offer a different type of challenge. In 2004 I accepted the Business Manager position on the CERT contract and never looked back. The lessons learned and opportunities presented allowed me to develop a new skillset.

Who has motivated you the most in your career/life?

My mother is my biggest cheerleader. Her words of encouragement and wisdom have gotten me through school, marriage, parenting, and my career. She has my back!

What life challenges have resulted in the most unexpected positive results?

Getting married and leaving my family in VA to move to a city I knew nothing about, except for what I had seen on the TV show “Dallas.” This was a big change for me, but the experience changed my life forever. You never know what you can do until you do it.

What is the favorite place you have lived and why?

My favorite place I have lived in was Dallas, TX. It’s a city where there is always something to do; between the sporting events, places to eat, the state fair, and the friendly people I met while living there, definitely made Dallas my second home.

What is your favorite book and/or movie of all time?

My favorite book of all time is “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell.

What are the 3 pieces of advice you would give women in our industry?

The 3 pieces of advice I would give women in our industry are look at new challenges as a way to gain experience, be a team player, and take pride in your work.

What woman or women in history do you admire most and why?

The woman I admire the most just made history. Captain Janet Days recently became the 51st commanding officer of Naval Station Norfolk, the world’s largest naval base. She is that installation’s first Black female commanding officer. Her story is inspirational and uplifting. I encourage everyone to hear her story.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Women’s History Month is a time to acknowledge and reflect on the countless accomplishments made by women who have contributed so much to the world in which we live.