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Robert Shook - Army Counterintelligence and Technical Security Specialist

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Katrina Whitenack - Army Combat Medic and Medical Reviewer

After 5 years in the Army, Katrina Whitenack turned her experience as a Combat Medic into a succe...

Judith Buford - Naval Reservist and Medical Reviewer

Judith Buford uses her experience in organization and time management from her time as a Naval Re...






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Martha Fernandez, Medicaid Reviewer

Celebrating International Cultural Diversity Day, a day that highlights the importance of recognizing, respecting, and valuing the differences between cultures., Medicaid Reviewer Martha Fernandez shares some of the traditions from Mexican-American culture

What is the history of your culture?

Mexican American culture in San Antonio has a rich history from a Spanish outpost to the first civil settlement in Texas (which formerly was part of Mexico). We have a variety of cultures including Native Americans, Spaniards, Mexicans, American settlers from the east, and German, Czech, and Polish immigrants who were the earliest of people that settled for the water that was available in the San Antonio River Basin, famously known as the San Antonio Riverwalk.

What traditions are important in your culture?

We celebrate a 130-year-old tradition of “Battle of Flowers” parade that dating back to 1891, which honors those who fought during the battles at the Alamo & San Jacinto. In 1941, the River Parade was added and then in 1948, Fiesta Flambeau was created and known as the America’s largest illuminated night parade. There are a number of other events that take place during the 10-day festival.

How do you think your culture has influenced your personal values and beliefs?

My values and beliefs stem from a variety of different cultures in my area that influence my adaptability to always keep an open mind, be respectful of other cultures, and inclusion of all people from different walks of life.

What’s the one thing you would like for people to know about your culture?

Our culture has a diversity of different traditions, such as religion, clothing, language, customs, foods, music, and we love to socialize by throwing parties that include family and friends.

What advice would you give someone who wants to learn more about your culture?

Start by learning about the battle at the famous “Alamo” and come to visit our beautiful city that is welcoming to visitors from every country.

Are there festivals in your area that celebrate your culture? If so, when, and where do they take place? What foods are popular in your culture?

Festivals occur every April, lasting for 10 days, with events occurring day and night. Events also take place throughout the year.