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What We Do

Empower AI uses innovative technologies and their specialized platform to support federal missions and empower agency personnel to solve unique government challenges​.

From legacy program support to bridging to the future with AI, the Empower AI Platform® is driving efficiencies and improving security.

Across the warfighting functions of the U.S. Marine Corps, IT investments have been made for decades to enhance the performance of core operations – from recruitment and training to intelligence and health care.


Unfortunately, many of these programs have outlived their planned life cycle and lack the automation and lightning-fast decision making required of today’s Marines. The layered versions of software and multiple code utilizations make for slow, unstable programs that are out of touch with their operators’ accelerating needs. These antiquated systems are ready for a significant upgrade, including the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning that can free the individual Marine from mundane tasks and accelerate decision-making and efficiency.


But how can these important upgrades happen without years of investment and enduring loads of procurement processes?

Your Digital “Devil Dog” is Ready for Duty

Introducing the Empower AI Platform® from Empower AI – designed to accelerate AI deployment and adoption in military environments. By implementing simple, secure robotic process automation (RPA) tools, Empower can harness structured and unstructured data and turn them into organized, comprehensive outputs that drive efficiency and deliver predictive analytics. Empower can support Marine Corps’ efforts to bridge “stove-piped” command and control systems and deliver time-sensitive information to shrink kill chains and accelerate decision advantage.


In 2021, the Marine Corps invested in a customized component prototype of the Empower Platform, called Empower Assists. This AI application acts as a Marine’s “sidekick” or “Digital Devil Dog” to push and pull critical information in real time that is buried deep within existing programs, including key information on enemy ships, ammunition totals and mission availability. This hyperautomation helps the operator to stay focused on the battlespace and the critical mission at hand.


Want to know more? Check out the related videos or request a personal demo for your team today.


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