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Rob Rosenwald is proud to be a Veteran of the U.S. Army. And to be a member of a military family.


“It is very important to recognize the sacrifices and challenges that military families endure, to support their loved ones in uniform,” said Rosenwald, who continues to serve the Army and the nation with his work at Empower AI. “Our servicemembers need to be focused, and while they miss their families, they can rarely spend much time worrying about their people back home. They stay focused on what is needed for the mission.”


After starting his military career in 1977 as an Air Defense Artillery (ADA) officer, Rosenwald served in many places including Germany (Germersheim, Mannheim and Stuttgart), Fort Bliss and Fort Hood (Texas), Virginia, Fort Leavenworth and Fort Riley (Kansas), and deployed to SWA with 1st Infantry Division on Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Throughout his career he served in multiple ADA, information technology, and operational planning positions.  He retired in 2000 as a Lieutenant Colonel, with his last post as the director of the Air and Missile Defense Battle Lab, in Fort Bliss, Texas.


He remembers several lessons that he learned throughout his long military career, many of which he still uses today at Empower AI: “Take care of your people, leave everything better than you found it, do your part, and always be responsible,” he said.


Rosenwald added, “My family and I relocated several times for my career, but some of our deepest memories will always be about Germany. It just felt right.” He smiled, and said, “And most of all, Stuttgart is special because between our nearly four years in the military and our seven years as a contractor, Stuttgart was our hometown. Our children did a lot of growing up there and the military community was great.”

Today, Rosenwald continues to serve as vice president of Operations, where he manages a portfolio of service delivery contracts providing support to the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) at Fort Huachuca, Network Enterprise Centers (NEC) at Fort Campbell and Fort Stewart, Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) at Fort Meade and Fort Gordon, PEO Soldier at Fort Belvoir, and the U.S. Virgin Island Bureau of Information Technology at St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.  He also supports multiple new business proposal efforts on a continuing basis.


“It was an honor to serve, and to serve with my fellow servicemembers,” Rosenwald said. “One of my fondest memories was of a conversation with a young soldier in my ADA Battery, as I was about to change command with the incoming commander. This young man had arrived a few months earlier, and during my one-on-one in-processing welcome talk with him he seemed really young, quiet, and reserved. But after a few months he became very loud, careless, and undisciplined, and then came to me one day and asked that I ‘chapter’ him out of the Army. I had a few choice words for him that I think convened my great displeasure, what I wasn’t going to do, and what I was going to do.”


Rosenwald added, “He left my office not really liking the outcome of our conversation. But later, when he came to my office before the change of command, he thanked me. He had become a very good soldier and really a role model for even more recently arriving soldiers. He thanked me and told me that no one had ever cared about him enough to get as angry at him as I had. His words had a big impact on me, and something I will always remember.”


U.S. Army, Retired,

Lieutenant Colonel (1977-2000),
VP, Operations, Empower AI