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December Report to Offer Guide on Increasing AI Diversity

As reported recently by FCW (AI task force aims to expand federal research opportunities beyond big tech), a guide to help the federal government hire more diverse talent for AI research and development opportunities will be released in December.

Lynne Parker, who served as director of the White House National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office since 2018 before leaving her post this August, stated that the federal government is experiencing multiple challenges as it tries to expand access to data, including privacy concerns.

"This is a challenge for our nation because we need to get more people involved in AI [research and development]," she said. "One of the limiting factors right now … is not having access to the data."

Parker, the former director and co-chair of the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) Task Force, said recently that the guide would offer a pathway for the federal government to increase access to AI research opportunities.

An interim report released in May stated it was "essential that the full and diverse talent of the nation contributes to the AI innovation ecosystem" to maintain U.S. leadership in AI. The report called for a federated AI research resource accessible through an integrated portal overseen by a single management entity. It also called for advisory groups to give supervision, support, and training to support NAIRR, which was Congressionally established in the 2020 National AI Initiative Act.

The report also offered that "traditionally underserved communities lack sufficient representation and pathways to participation" in AI research and development, pointing to a statistic that only 2% of new AI Ph.D.’s in 2020 were African American.

To read the entire article from FCW.