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Biden Administration Releases AI Blueprint, Urges Federal Agencies to Remove Bias from Algorithms

As reported recently by Nextgov (Federal Agencies Pledge Support For Biden's AI Framework), government entities are working to create plans to implement the blueprint for the new national AI framework provided by the Biden administration.

Several government agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education, have stated concerns about the potential bias of AI algorithms and systems related to discrimination.

Concern over potential AI discrimination led HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra to order a report about algorithmic biases' harm to people of color in health care. He plans to release this report before January 2023.

"My sense is that we're going to be looking most for transparency, to try to make sure if you're going to use something we can… understand how you developed it and how you're planning to implement it," said Secretary Becerra. "If we're able to move forward, we should be able to have a better look at how IT …is making use of AI, and we should have a good bible out there for folks to understand what's happened in the past and [with] discriminated-against communities," he continued. "And we should also have a rule that sets the rules of the road moving forward on how to use health IT."

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona stated that his agency wants to incorporate technology as a resource, but he acknowledges the necessity for student protection.

"We have to be cautious not to go into another system where we're not protecting our students protecting our families, especially those who might be subject to bias or stereotyping through technology," he said.

Cardona stated that the Department of Education will release guidance in early 2023 to work within the new AI framework related to student data and privacy protections.

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