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Executive Message

At Empower AI, we solve some of government’s biggest challenges with solutions fueled by human creativity, intellect, and cooperation. Adapting to an ever-changing technological landscape is important as we accelerate into a complex future filled with unexpected opportunities. Empowering our business with a wealth of diverse talent is essential as we strive to deliver exceptional AI solutions to our customers.

We are constantly working to build a broadly inclusive work culture by actively fostering a workplace that respects the unique perspectives of every employee. Treating each other with the dignity we all deserve is paramount in creating an atmosphere of fairness and transparency. Acknowledging, sharing, and celebrating what makes each of us special illuminates every aspect of our business.

Our leadership team continues to explore new avenues to share these ideas through the commitment of our time and talent to the challenges that we face as a community. It’s more than just sharing pictures or writing checks, it’s about delivering impactful and demonstrative solutions that improve people’s lives in meaningful ways.

Innovation is about learning from our past, assembling new ideas, and having the courage to apply that knowledge to future endeavors. Working together to meet these challenges is what drives us forward. We hope you will join us as we navigate toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

Jeff Bohling

Chief Executive Officer


Interested in being part of a cutting-edge industry filled with exciting opportunities and unique challenges? Looking to work with a talented team driven towards solving complex problems with innovative solutions? Are you determined to build long-lasting relationships by collaborating with customers to deliver meaningful results?

If so, then check out the many possibilities available to apply your diverse experiences and perspectives. As we look towards the future, we want to partner with individuals who are striving to find better communication and cooperation in an environment that supports inclusion for all. By elevating each person’s abilities, we’re looking to bring better understanding and equity to everything that we do.


Empower AI is pleased to introduce its executive-sponsored Diversity & Inclusion Council.  This Council was formed to Navigate partnerships with leadership, management, and all Empower AI employees to Collaborate in creating a more diverse workforce, foster a sense of belonging, and Innovate toward a positive culture within Empower AI where every employee’s voice will be heard and know they are valued and respected, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and all other statuses.

The Diversity & Inclusion Council will Navigate this new focus area as stewards of diversity, inclusion, and equity, focusing on educating everyone at Empower AI, as well as formulating, implementing, and evaluating strategies and best practices to achieve a more equitable workplace at Empower AI. We will Collaborate with all Empower AI employees to drive toward a more diverse and inclusive Empower AI culture. We Innovate in an area that our Leadership understands is and should be a primary focus center to build a stronger, better Empower AI.


Minority percentages to First/Mid level officials and managers for 2021 ( 37.39% to the percentage of 27.49% for other companies in our field)

Minority percentages to Professionals ( 47.86% to the percentage of 33.64% for other companies in our field)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Empower AI Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee led groups that share common characteristics with varying purposes – but generally provide employees support, foster personal and professional development through mentorship opportunities in an inclusive environment.


Percentage of Minorities

as Managers

(27% for other companies in our field)

48 %

Percentage of

Minority Professionals

(34% for other companies in our field)

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