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March 6, 2023

WashingtonExec's Top Execs to Watch 2023: Jeff Bohling, Empower AI CEO

WashingtonExec's Top Execs to Watch 2023: Jeff Bohling, Empower AI CEO

The year 2022 was a seminal one for the new Empower AI, which rebranded its name in June after 32 years as NCI Information Systems. Now, the company has taken another transformational step forward by bringing in its new CEO, Jeff Bohling, who joined in February.

An industry veteran of more than three decades, Bohling has a strong record of growth at companies like GDIT, Perspecta, and most recently, Peraton, where he led more than 3,500 employees and was responsible for $1.5 billion in revenue.

Bohling will build on Empower AI’s momentum of the last several years, helping to transform the way government works through the combination of human power and artificial intelligence. Today, more than 75% of the company’s annual revenue is connected to AI-enabled programs supporting federal agencies.

“Jeff brings tremendous experience to Empower AI as a proven leader with an extensive track record of driving IT transformations and delivering mission-enhancing services for government customers,” said Andre Jakubowski, board member at Empower AI and director at KKR.

“Technology transformation is both more important and more challenging than ever and Empower AI is providing innovative AI-enabled solutions to address this. We are very excited Jeff has joined to help lead the Empower AI team to capture the significant growth opportunities in front of us.”

Why Watch

Bohling’s top priorities in 2023 will be strengthening the relationship of the company with current and potential customers. A mission-driven leader with past expertise working directly on customer programs, Bohling is laser-focused on improving outcomes for all Empower AI’s civilian and defense customers.

Establishing trust and understanding with customers has been key to Bohling’s success and is a principle he’s already establishing at Empower AI. He believes that deepening customer relationships and creating a partner culture is the best way to appreciate the challenges Empower AI’s customers face. Only then can you unlock the true value that innovative technology solutions can provide.

“Empower AI serves important and impactful missions across the federal government,” Bohling said. “In the past five years, it has become a go-to partner to bring artificial intelligence to bear on missions of national importance. Given the advancements in technology, the application of AI to solve our customer missions is proving to be both incredibly timely and increasingly in demand.”

Bohling will also shepherd Empower AI’s two recently launched joint ventures with successful small businesses ⏤ Astralis Innovations, LLC (with Lentech Inc.) and Sugarloaf Technologies (with AI-Vets) ⏤ to develop groundbreaking AI and cybersecurity solutions for both defense and civilian agencies.

With a robust new business pipeline building on Empower AI’s long history of supporting digital transformation, IT services and support, and infrastructure modernization across the federal government, there is no question that the years ahead for Bohling and Empower AI are ripe with potential.

“It’s such an exciting time to lead a great company like Empower AI,” Bohling said. “There’s a monumental shift that’s happening in our industry of moving toward AI-enabled outcomes and the incredible people and solutions we have here are impressive and inspiring. It’s going to be a lot of fun to be a part of.”

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