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December 16, 2022

WashingtonExec Names Empower AI CTO Dr. Allen Badeau a ‘Top CTO to Watch in 2023’

WashingtonExec Names Empower AI CTO Dr. Allen Badeau a ‘Top CTO to Watch in 2023’

This year has been pivotal for Empower AI, which underwent a rebranding to its current name after 32 years as NCI Information Systems. The new name better represents the company’s future with technology and what it’s trying to do for its customers. But from a technology standpoint, the biggest achievement was a recent initiative to implement the Empower AI Works and Advises platforms to support warfighters at a whole different level.

Once finalized, the platforms will be able to take multiple sources of data ⏤ live data, human intelligence, signal data, geospatial intelligence and more ⏤ and deconflict it in real time. It’s all about helping support the human warfighter in making the most accurate decisions. “It will make a huge difference,” CTO Allen Badeau said. “So, to get our platform running for one of our military customers and support the warfighter in the battlespace was huge, and it’s a mission-essential capability that will significantly improve their targeting data to make faster, more accurate decisions.”

Why Watch

In 2023, Badeau’s team is heavily focused on the deployment of its AI and automation capabilities to the tactical edge. That means they need to ensure their AI tools and capabilities can be used in environments where there are bandwidth, connectivity and communications challenges.

“We need to make sure that while in the field, automations and machine learning can still be impactful for the activities they need for their mission,” Badeau said. “Whether it’s our service members or anyone working at the tactical edge, that will be our biggest focus.”To do so, the company will develop technologies, or partner with other technology providers, to become more mobile with its entire platform so it can significantly speed up the ability for a user to interact with Empower AI’s machine learning models.

“Allen is truly a thought leader, not only on the subject of artificial intelligence and the future of technology, but in the ways that government and industry can collaborate to make a positive difference in the way government operates and achieves its missions,” said Paul Dillahay, Empower AI president and CEO. “He’s an inspiration to me and our entire team.”

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